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How To Get Stuff for FREE (or close to free)

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Rosie327 Great post! lots of good idea's. I too try to hit all the farmers markets late in the day. Many times I have been given (free) whatever I could carry out either because the produce was lookin rather sad or the vendor just wanted to unload and get out. I also sign up for freebies on the internet anything and everything, if I can't use it I pass it on. The internet is full of coupons but be selective, some are buy one get one free, I only pick the coupons that are $1.00 off or more. I also write to companies and tell them how much my family enjoys their products and sometimes they will send me a case of their product. That doesn't happen a lot but I always get really good coupons from them. The internet is a super place to get in on promotional products, you just have to be very vigilent.  Loved your info. If we all contribute what we find to make life a little easier, maybe we'll all have a little more jingle in our pockets.  Thanks  sheshe030

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